sorry I’ve been gone for so long my precious followers!!!!!! literally I Have had soo much gong on lately. its been longer than six months if not more. let me fill you in. My grandfather passed away April 9th. he meant everything to me. I looked up to him so much in my life. and to have him not here is just miserable. number two. I got married to best friend in December. he is amazing. My military man. MY husband <3. next, my niece was murdered by her mother. she is the reason I had a smile, the reason I wanted children. she was a sweet little girl. I love her very much now and forever. I miss those two so much. and My husband is getting deployed soon. luckily I have befriended Emma my very bestest friend. she understands even when no one else does. She is amazing and I am so lucky to have her. once again I apologize to all of you and to my 200+ followers that have unfollowed me.